• Aug 12, 1992

     Had several ones; making music and BBQ at a campfire with friends at a lake in a wood. Sing at a campfire with strangers on a beach. Romantic campfires for two at the beach and a lake. And at a camping with friends and while camping wit...
  • Domburg, Zeeland, Nederland
    Jul 20, 1991

  • Mar 21, 1991

    Went here in i think it was 1991 and visited the Munich Olympic Stadion (unplanned) We went by car and went back the same day, i remember it was quite a long trip :)
  • Nov 8, 1990

    I have been in Paris 3 times, twice on a tour with art history class and once with a boyfriend, just to climb the Eiffel Tower which i wasn't able to do the other two times i was in Paris :) Places i have visited: Arc de Triomphe, Montm...
  • Oct 1, 1990

     Life is Like A Melody, Sing Your Own Song Every Day ♥
  • Jul 20, 1990

     Begin nineties we did this about every weekend and vacation for a few years in a row. We just packed the car, sometimes woke up some friends and drove to the sea at night (about a 2 1/2 hours drive), played guitar and sang on the beach ...
  • Jul 12, 1990

     Done this and had some hilarious experiences while trying XD My first time was at a lake with a small island in the middle. At my first attempt i appeared to be a natural. After i managed to get the wind in my sail i sailed off, straig...
  • Jul 8, 1990

     Magical feeling! Have done this many times, really love it! :) ♥ When the weather allows it, i make up a bed on my balcony and look at the night sky until i fall asleep. You'll be amazed by all the things you will see up there. Watchi...
  • Jun 15, 1990

     Exciting experience, especially when u almost got caught XD
  • Paradiso, Weteringschans, Amsterdam, Nederland
    Dec 6, 1989

    This was a concert of my favorite singer (at that time), Melissa Etheridge. I had a boyfriend who played guitar and i sang all of her songs. He surprised me by taking me to her concert in Amsterdam. I had the time of my life :) 
  • Oct 10, 1987

    This was a sponsor action to support a school fundraising for UNICEF when i was still in high school. I was a gymnastic back then and loved to support good causes. So i've jumped salto's for 10 hours in a row under professional caretakin...
  • May 1, 1987

    I went here twice with  art history cass in high school.Still have a caricature somewhere made by one of the artist at the Place du Tertre. Would love to go here again :)   The Place du Tertre is considered as the heart of Montmartre a...
  • Aug 3, 1982

    It's all about how you bounce back, if you fall off, get up and try again :)
  • Apr 15, 1972

     A Smile Costs Nothing But Can Cause Miracles and Make Someone's Day! :) Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. As i live each day May i do my part. To make a difference and touch a heart. Each ...