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  • Jul 29, 2013

    I go all the time, but as recently as yesterday when I went to see Pink with Karen, Abbey, Tommy, Mandy and Tracey at the Entertainment Centre.
  • May 9, 2004

    The best day of my life was when Abbey was born. She was born 9 weeks early, but after spending a few months in hospital, we were able to take her home and she has been the best achievment of my life.
  • Apr 26, 2000

    Mick and I went together at the start of our holiday. I will definately take Abbey one day!
  • Jan 30, 1998

    I have no idea what the exact date was, but I climbed it with my aunty and uncle, and 2 cousins Mandy and Tracey. It was oer 40 degrees and we were sweating our butts off in the heat. My aunty was afraid of heights and wanted to climb th...
  • Jul 3, 1995

    I went on a road trip with my first serious boyfriend Mark. I loved the food all the way along the great ocean road, and will definately go and do it again. 
  • Jul 24, 1985

    Boring!!! A bunch of rocks really! Totally overrated!
  • Jul 23, 1985

    Very interesting place. Is the loch ness monster real? Decide for yourself when you go!
  • Jul 10, 1985

    I spent a bit if time at the beginning and the end of an 8 week family holiday when I was 9. I remember the bath in the motel was huge. Bizarre thing to remember!
  • Jul 8, 1985

    I was 9 when I went on a 2 month family holiday with Mum, Dad, my sister and Nanna. I dont remember much, but I do have photos of me standing out the front of Harrods.