• Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC
    Apr 27, 2019

    We have them in our back yard, but they are only to be seen from afar.  I'd love to have one as a pet! There was a really friendly squirrel running around Beacon Hill Park that was investigating all of us, so I put my hand down and sat ...
  • Nov 23, 2016

    Done this many, many times, but this is one time I snapped a picture. 
  • Sep 29, 2016

     These happen fairly often where I live, but this night they were very bright and active, given how well I could see them in an urban setting!
  • Aug 3, 2016

    I discovered the delicious technique of no-churn ice cream and won't buy the store bought stuff ever again!  I've played around with the basic recipe and come up with a bunch of different flavors!   Raspberry Oreo Pina Colada Carame...
  • Jul 13, 2016

     I've had them before this from a few places, but most of them have stopped making them.  So I made em myself.
  • Rexall Place, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Oct 19, 2015

    I am hoping beyond hope that someday Slipknot will tour Canada again, and that my hubby and I will have the opportunity to see them live! Getting to see Slipknot was the best thing that happened to me in 2015.  it came at a time when I...
  • Sep 27, 2015

    It was a big deal here, everyone was out taking pictures!   
  • Lacombe Lake, St. Albert, AB, Canada
    Jul 31, 2015

    A date with my husband by the beautiful and very scenic at night lake. We had Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Fruit Kabobs, Sparkling wine, cheese, Pina Colada Fluff and Deviled Eggs.  We took a walk around the lake and snapped some photos, i...
  • Jun 14, 2015

     I travelled on Via Rail's The Canadian line from Edmonton to Vancouver.  I departed just after 9 am on June 14 and arrived at about 8 am on June 15th.  It is by far my favorite way to travel, the journey itself becomes a vacation.  I wo...
  • Jun 14, 2015

     Having gotten married and starting a family in my late teens and early 20's, the opportunity to go anywhere myself had never arisen and was not a priority.  Our limited travels have always been as a family.  After 20 years of being in a...
  • Jun 14, 2015

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare On my trip to Victoria, I spoke with several other train passengers.  Most memorably was the couple from Ontairo, the young lady from Enderby, the members of Tiger Moon from Kelowna, and the lady fro...
  • May 26, 2015

     Made as an apology/birthday present to a person that got stuck in the middle of a messy situation on their birthday.
  • Dragon's Tale, 170 Street Northwest, West Edmonton, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    May 11, 2015

    A fun afternoon date with the hubby and the newly revamped course.  Glow in the dark is the way to go! 
  • May 28, 2014

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare   We actually have a board/card game for this that we got as a Christmas present. It's called family scavenger hunt, and lists random things to find.  So we ran around the house taking pictures of ran...
  • TELUS World of Science, 142 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Mar 1, 2014

    http://www.harrypotterexhibition.com/  This will be at my local science center from November 23 2013 to March 9 2014!  I actually get to cross this one off of my b...
  • Feb 26, 2014

    3001. Have you ever been fascinated by someone who hated you? No, I generally avoid people that I don't get along with.  I find interacting with them a waste of energy.       3002. What is the most affectionate nickname you ever cam...
  • Feb 23, 2014

     For my oldest son's 16th birthday, we threw a RWBY themed surprise party.  I enlisted the help of his best friend to get him out of the house and he had no idea what was happening!  
  • Jan 31, 2014

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare Wine.  I don't need to cultivate it, I genuinely don't get it.  Not the tasters and conniseurs, that I do get. That is an interest, an appreciation of an art form. This idea of women and wine, and ho...
  • Jan 31, 2014

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare I have done this for very short periods.  Like, on my step to get the mail.  Even I'm not crazy enough to walk any farther in the freezing cold barefoot.  
  • Jan 31, 2014

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare   I try to only do this when directly asked.  Whatever anecdote I share, I follow up (usually) with "You are the best person to decide your course of action, follow what you feel is right."    
  • Oct 10, 2013

     Mostly just photos that were posted here and hasn't been updated in forever. https://www.facebook.com/cpbmom/med...
  • Oct 4, 2013

    I made 6 loaves out of about 1/3 of a huge zucchini.  Strange vegetable, yet so tasty in baked goods.
  • Brooks Animal Protection Society, 1st Avenue East, Brooks, AB, Canada
    Aug 28, 2013

    Blanket, toys and time.  Lots of time in the cat room and some dog walking. BAPS:http://www.bapsociety.com/Brooks_Animal_Shelter.html
  • Elk Island National Park, Division No. 10, AB, Canada
    Jul 2, 2013

    We went camping there from July 2-4, 2013.  Our first night there, we found ourselves in the midst of a violent hailstorm.  These hailstones were some of the mid-sized ones that fell, the first few that hit our tents were the size of bas...
  • Jul 1, 2013

      2501. if you had to make out with your worst enemy in order for them to live, would you do it?        No, sorry...not becuase I want them to die but because I am committed to Joe.   2502. How many elements are on the periodic ta...
  • Jun 27, 2013

    2001. Can you believe that we have only gotten through two fifths of this survey so far?    Yes, this is my 4th session.   2002. What is your opinion of Dave Coulier?    That's the blond guy from Full House, right?  I always liked ...
  • Jun 26, 2013

    1501. What did you think of the movie Black Hawk Down?    Have not seen it yet.   1502. What movie has the most surprising ending ever?    Shutter Island.   1503. What are you currently angry at?    I was peeved off about somet...
  • Jun 25, 2013

    1001. What has caused you to reinvent yourself or reevaluate who you are?    Hitting my 30's, living with my in-laws, developing an anxiety disorder.   1002. Name three annoying bands:    I just don't listen to stuff I don't like, ...
  • Jun 23, 2013

    Apparently these 500 question sets take 2 hours to complete.  Good to know... 501. If you could rename yourself what would your new name be?   I wouldn't, I am content with my name exactly as it is.   502. What is your Glam Rock nam...
  • Jun 22, 2013

    I tried doing the whole thing in one shot, but my computer didn't like it much, so I am splitting it up into smaller portions. 1. Who are you?    Me.  Read the survey and I suspect you'll find out.   2. What are the 3 most important...
  • Jun 15, 2013

    Of all the many batches of brownies I have made just in the last 3 years, no photos.  But here is the recipie anyway. Brownies 1/2 cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla 1/3 cup cocoa 1/2 cup flour 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp ba...
  • TELUS World of Science, 142 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jun 7, 2013

    Got to do this, and it was something to see!  I consider myself quite knowledgeable about human anatomy, though far from an expert, and this exhibit allowed me to see the human body in a whole new light.  To see what makes us human, what...
  • Apr 25, 2013

    I did this recently, and I notice that I am not as addicted to it as I was before.  I still check it once in a while, but can go days without it.  Like everything, best in moderation.   April 5-25 no facebook (No internet either mind y...
  • Apr 2, 2013

    We watched this as a family, using the Finding Lost books and Lost and Philosophy to guide us through the mysteries.  This is a really great series, we all enjoyed very much!  It took about 6 months to complete.
  • Feb 12, 2013

     I've been doing this since I was a kid, but started seriously learning some techniques in 2013.  Most of my pieces can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/TheCraftyThings...
  • TELUS World of Science, 142 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jan 10, 2013

     http://www.starwarsidentities.com/ The Exhibition was hosted at TWOSE October 2012 to April 2013.  It was exciting to see the props and costumes from the movies, concept art and learn some of the history!  Being able to create your own...
  • Dec 25, 2012

    We decided to try something different for Christmas dinner.  It turned out quite well and was liked by all!
  • Dec 9, 2012

    I have, and use, my family cookbook all printed out and put in a binder. 
  • St Thomas St, St. Albert, AB, Canada
    Nov 30, 2012

    At the Snowflake Festival.  Granted, they were mini (baby?) reindeer, but still very neat to see!
  • St Thomas St, St. Albert, AB, Canada
    Nov 29, 2012

    There's something about riding around the winter wonderland of downtown on a horse drawn carriage, singing carols and enjoying the lights and sights of the season!
  • Sep 13, 2012

    I do this on a regular basis...so much better than store bought bread!  The recipe I use is not overly complicated and doesn't take very long to make.   
  • Aug 12, 2012

        After studying medieval life with the kids, something I had always been interested in, we had the opportunity to watch a jousting contest complete with knights (women even!) in full armor.  It was definitely one of the coolest thin...
  • 2556-8882 170 St., West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
    Jul 26, 2012

    I am so glad that the hubby and I decided to catch this show.  I was a casual Shinedown fan, my husband being the one that was a big fan of the band.  they put on such a great show, even not being very familiar with a lot of the songs, I...
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park, AB, Canada
    Jul 17, 2012

    My family and I participated in a guided tour called "Fossil Safari" while at Dinosaur Provincial Park, and had the opportunity to find and touch real dinosaur bones and other fossils out in the bonebed.    
  • Drumheller, AB, Canada
    Jul 14, 2012

    Her name is Brittnay, and she lives at Reptile World in Drumheller, Alberta.  She is an 18 year old Boa Constrictor, and very docile!      
  • Jun 19, 2012

    My first Scrapbook is one of myself.  My second is about my trip to New York in 99. I made one of my trip to Victoria in 2015 and am working on a couple more.
  • TELUS World of Science, 142 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    May 20, 2012

      Something I will never tire of witnessing, I have seen one full eclipse when I was in grade school, and a partial one, with proper eye protection, on May 20, 2012.
  • TELUS World of Science, 142 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jan 28, 2012

    After studying the Titanic with my kids, we were lucky enough that our local science center had the Titanic Exhibition come through.  It was really something else to be able to see these real items that had laid on the floor of the Atlan...
  • Jan 1, 2012

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare I punish myself with this regularily, playing Minecraft with my kids.  It ALWAYS devolves into plundering someone's home and multiple murders. 
  • Nov 9, 2011

    Me and the kids built one each out of popsicle sticks, and then launched paper balls at the castle we built.
  • Rexall Place, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Sep 29, 2011

    At Rockstar Uproar With Seether, Escape the Fate, Bullet for my Valentine, Three Days Grace and others.    
  • Sep 1, 2011

    After struggling with the public school system, we made the choice to homeschool.  I am so glad that we have chosen this road, as we have had so many great experiences together.  It is very fulfilling to watch the kids grow and learn, an...
  • Aug 10, 2011

    My sister led a circle for myself, my son and my daughter on a summer afternoon at the farm I grew up on.  I cherish the memory of sharing in something so sacred to her religion.  
  • Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre, Jasper, AB, Canada
    Jul 21, 2011

    I walked on the Athabasca Glacier and collected some freshly melted glacier water.  It was freezing rain on the glacier, so it was very cold!  
  • Johnston Canyon Hiking Area, Bow Valley Parkway, Improvement District No. 9, AB, Canada
    Jul 17, 2011

    The upper falls are definitely worth the extra work to get there!  Being able to stand so close to the lower falls as to be sprayed by the water as it falls was an experience like no other.
  • Jul 14, 2011

    I saw 3/4 of the first one in the theater with my grandma and two boys, but had to leave due to the boys getting fussy (they were very small!) I didn't really think much of Harry Potter until a friend of mine encouraged me to read the b...
  • May 15, 2011

    Also known locally as Riverfest and St. Albert Clean and Green Festival.  It's always awesome to do something good for your community and world.
  • Rexall Place, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Feb 4, 2011

    I actually remember back in the day when the tractor pulls were the big deal and the monster trucks were the sideshow novelty.  Turns out, monster trucks are now the big deal, and have a whole arena show dedicated to them! 
  • Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Cinemas, 137 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Dec 14, 2010

    Megamind was the first one(awesome movie!)  Have also seen Transformers 3, Jurassic Park, Edge of Tomorrow,  Pacific Rim, Star Trek: Into Darkness and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 in 3D.
  • Nov 29, 2010

    Not a personal picture of this one, as it was at my grandmother's funeral/internment.  The limo in the photo is one owned by the funeral home that took care of her arrangements.
  • Jayman MasterBUILT, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Oct 29, 2010

    Actually, my husband did this, but I helped him with his entry and was there for the whole thing, so I get partial credit ;)
  • Sep 4, 2010

    Jarome Iginla, my son's sports hero.  He was very friendly, humble, and took the time to have a chat with my son about the schools he attended in our hometown.   
  • Embedded Custom Tattoo Studio, Perron Street, St. Albert, AB, Canada
    Mar 24, 2010

    My first tattoo was done by Lauren.  It was designed as a piece done with my now estranged sister  The lineart was done on March 24, 2010 and I have yet to decide what I'm going to do with it.  Last she told me, she was planning to have ...
  • Mar 14, 2010

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare Once.  For not being a good fit with the current staff (read: too old and not into partying, drinking or drugs.)  Somehow not a big loss in my eyes. 
  • Aug 21, 2009

    I had a very good piercer, so it was not very painful at all.  It healed up a lot faster than my lip piercing.  
  • Jul 19, 2009

      -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare Did this to my ankle taking out the garbage.  Stepped in a hole in the sidewalk.  My body went one way, my foot stayed behind.  I have never felt such pain in my entire life.  I tore the ligaments r...
  • May 2, 2009

    I had my lip pierced on May 2, 2009.  I had my nose pierced on January 18, 2011.
  • May 2, 2009

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare   A few years back, I was sick and tired of the harried housewife/busy mom look, so I took stock of what I truly wanted and started dying my hair black, getting facial piercings and experimenting with...
  • Rexall Place, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Dec 30, 2008

    Oilers Vs Senators...Sens Won!
  • Shaw Conference Centre, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Dec 2, 2008

    A concert I went to because my husband was a big fan, but a great time all the same.  We were right up near the stage for the opening acts, but once Disturbed came out, I genuinely feared I was going to be trampled, so retreated to safer...
  • Shaw Conference Centre, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Dec 2, 2008

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare Well, not sitting, as the one's I've been to have no chairs.  Egypt Central, Art of Dying and Disturbed.  I moved back away from the front after the first opening band and off the floor completely onc...
  • Shaw Conference Centre, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jan 30, 2008

    We have seen Seether twice, both times with TDG.  January 30, 2008 and September  29 2011.
  • Shaw Conference Centre, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jan 29, 2008

    I have done this four times...3 with the original lineup and once post-Adam.  My son has been a huge fan since the early days, so we have taken every opportunity to go see them that we can! January 30, 2008, November 26, 2009, September...
  • West Edmonton Mall, 170 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Nov 24, 2007

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare The Mindbender at West Edmonton Mall.  Only once, and never again!
  • Sep 26, 2007

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare   Uno online on the XBox, with my sister and a couple other random people.  My sister did not realize that the other players could hear what we were saying (we were not in the same house, hence the on...
  • Rexall Place, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jan 16, 2007

    I can't even find an online picture for this one...no love for SS in Edmonton?  Ah well, good show.  Very glad we went.  Hope to see them live again someday soon.
  • Rexall Place, 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Jan 16, 2007

    In the days before good camera phones.  They made it snow on stage!  I'm so glad we made the effort to go, as they haven't been through since.
  • Edmonton Valley Zoo, Buena Vista Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Aug 6, 2006

    As part of a demonstration of birds of prey, I had a great horned owl fly over my head and then I got to hold it.
  • Feb 15, 2006

    I have no context for this.  I don't even remember taking it.  There is so much going on here...  
  • Apr 30, 2005

     I've been shaving my hubby's head since 2005 and doing the boy's hair nearly as long.  I started cutting my own hair and my daughter's hair about 10 years ago.  I've also done my mom's a few times.  I managed to fix a freind's daughter'...
  • Jun 1, 2002

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare I was not the driver at the time, my amazing driver hubby was.  It is every bit as frightening as the book suggests, but somehow he managed to get us off the highway and onto the shoulder safely.  
  • Sep 1, 2001

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare   A parent's committee for my first son's playgroup.  I started out as the Special Events Coordinator, which was fun and fairly easy.  I ended up as Secretary and quickly got frustrated with how awful...
  • Aug 4, 2001

      -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare I have written two:  One when my middle son was stuck in my gramma's second bedroom and we couldn't get him out, and my grandma called 911 (or maybe it was the fire department...) and they wouldn't ...
  • Apr 11, 2001

    This was a huge event in my life, something I had thought about and wished for for many many years.  Unfortunately the reunion broke down a little over a decade later and I have very limited contact with the majority of my maternal birth...
  • Dec 25, 2000

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare  One year for Christmas, I gave my husband the gift of a year's subscription to Hockey News magazine.  Instead of doing something boring with it, I wrapped it up in a small box, and then placed that b...
  • Jul 29, 2000

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare The first one I went to was the Pearce Reunion of my adoptive gramma's siblings.  There were 9 of them, so this was a large gathering, over 3 days.  We had color coded shirts depending on which sibli...
  • Jun 20, 2000

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare Can't be bothered to put on shoes when I'm just running outside for a minute....  
  • Jun 1, 2000

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare Most of the tires I have helped change have been on the side of a freeway.    
  • Jun 1, 2000

    I have 3 go-to recipes for cinnamon buns.  Cinnamon bun scones, No Yeast Cinnamon Buns and a traditional cinnamon bun recipie passed from my great-aunt to me many years ago. Cinnamon Bun Scones: (The only one I have a picture of so far)...
  • Feb 13, 2000

    I have made many over the years, some looking or tasting better than others!
  • Brooks, AB, Canada
    Sep 3, 1999

    And stay that way.  I have learned a lot over the last number of years about marriage.  It hasn't always been easy, and there are times we have wanted to strangle each other, but at the end of the day we remain committed to one another, ...
  • Winter Garden Theatre, Broadway, New York, NY, United States
    Mar 28, 1999

    I have watched the video performance a million and a half times...getting to see it live was an experience I will never forget.  As a bonus, I got to travel to New York to boot, so all in all a pretty great experience!  
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York, NY, United States
    Mar 27, 1999

    A sight to behold up close and personal, and a must see if you are a tourist in New York.    
  • Mar 27, 1999

     -From 1001 Things to do if You Dare In NYC on the 11th Floor of the hotel we were staying at to get some great pictures.  No one even looked up.  You'd think they'd put bars on the windows for us dumb tourists...but nope!
  • United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY, United States
    Mar 27, 1999

    After learning about the UN in high school, it was a really great experience to see the building close up and in person!
  • Mar 26, 1999

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare A very bad idea.  My roommate and I discovered within our first 24 hours in NYC that pedestrians do not obey the traffic lights as a rule.  Most of the time.  We found ourselves crossing the street wh...
  • Mar 26, 1999

    Definitely a neat way to see the sights, so glad we did this!
  • Mar 25, 1999

     -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare From Calgary, AB to NYC, NY and back again.  Made stops in Winnipeg, MB, Ottawa, ON and Toronto, ON.
  • New York, NY, United States
    Mar 25, 1999

    What an amazing place...so much activity, culture, archetecture, sights and shopping.  Four days was not nearly enough to truly enjoy everything the city had to offer, and I would love to go back someday.  
  • Mar 1, 1999

    -From 1001 Things to Do if You Dare And then I married him!  He's a keeper.  Though I have no photos of us actually together in our first place.  Such was life before smartphones!