• Dec 12, 2013

    Working on this one. I had a friend of mine explain Dreamweaver to me, so I can write my own html Let's see what I can do with this.. Not an official course but I think it counts for my list..;-)
  • Oct 3, 2012

    Now that I am almost 35, I need to do this. Update: Got my theory in the bag since 14-02-2012. Now 5 or 6 more lessons to go before I have my exam on 18th of April!   So..I failed on this one.. Driving went fine but on the highway I...
  • Sep 25, 2012

    Get myself a tattoo. Find someone to help me design it. It has to have meaning to it I had it done! It is a small Maya sentence on my right forarm (do you spell it like this?). It says: in lak'ech a la k'in Very proud of it  
  • Aug 7, 2012

    I won the lawsuit. For now it means nothing more than: You were right.. Now we wait until other things happen..  
  • Mar 31, 2012

    Just buy some aceton and make them disappear. This wil be a quick one..;-) It will be my next step in my goal: Stop biting my nails. Cause when the fake ones will be removed: the challenge begins for real..
  • Mar 9, 2012

    Ik wil graag een houten vloer in mijn huis als basis voor mijn nieuwe inrichting. Heb al: Hout gehaald en gelegd Vloer voorbehandeld en klaargemaakt voor finishing touch. Nu nog hardwax olie en nabehandeling
  • Mar 8, 2012

    I want to go out by myself and have fun. See if I can still do that   I did go out by myself. I can still have a good time. But I now also know why I don't do this very often anymore..;-) Some different faces, too much the same and ...
  • Mar 6, 2012

    I want to stop biting my nails. So in order to be able to do that, my plan is to get fake ones to help me on my way..