• Jan 16, 2013

    Always felt that this would be the perfect song for my first time singing karaoke, and it was! Now anytime we're at a karaoke bar I can't help but get up and sing. 
  • Sep 19, 2012

    This opportunity came to me at the most unexpected moment. I'm driving home from work one day with my best friend and low and behold there is a guy with a camel on the side of the ride with a sign that says "$5 camel rides." How could we...
  • Sep 9, 2011

    Ohhhh boy did I party. Went for three days and did not sleep a wink. Hands down the most fun I have had so far in my life! I love my brother for taking me while he went on a personal trip, and allowing me to have my freedom while I was t...
  • Jun 6, 2008

    Mom took me to San Fran for my high school graduation gift. Riding a cable car was one of the many awesome adventures we had in SF.