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London, GB


Heya, I'm Adam. I live alone (no ex-wives or kids to surprise you) with my two pet Degu's - if you don't know what they are, then that's a great opening question... ;-)   I'm easy going but highly ambitious. I love trying new things and I'm currently on a mission to strike through as many items on my bucket list as possible (don't worry, I'm not dying...).   I love going to events in London and just finished the Colour Run 5K in Wembley (photos above). I've also recently been to MCM Comic-Con and Hyper Japan is next on my list!    I also enjoy meeting new people, so I'm confident your parents will love me! Hah...   Likes:  - Smashing items off my bucket-list - Pokemon/Anime/Cosplay - Rock, Metal, Jazz and Blues - Traveling - Macro photography  - Animals - Cycling


Twitter: adzflowers

Facebook: hollywoodadz