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I'm a full time college student and mother of one. My son is 5 and my pride and joy. When you see Ke mentioned in my list that's him :) We enjoy cooking together, he wants to be a baker when he grows up, traveling, watching movies, reading and almost any outdoor activity. I also enjoy arts and crafts, taking pictures, listening to music, and theme parks.

I first started My Bucket List in 2008. In 2010, I joined a swap on Swap-Bot that forced me to finish it. What you see here is a continued version that's why it's so long. I recently joined another Bucket List swap that's why I'm here with this one, happy I did. This last swap, has helped me to see where I stand and to get rid of these pieces of paper I keep scribbling on. I have also joined another swap that makes me pick 101 goals for me to try and complete in 1,001 days. Can't wait to see how that goes!! 

Check out my blog : I will be blogging about all of the items on My Bucket List as I complete them. Please leave me a comment and/or link to yours so I can check it out.

Thanks in advance :)

Twitter: @Lilcountrybelle