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 He stops her to ask for a pen.. Five years later they are in rural Italy. They are traveling the roads, meeting the locals, eating the cheese and drinking the wine. "How bland would life be without her?" he thinks. For she is radiantly beautiful and as intelligent as they come. I feel like social networking and sharing sites have been a part of our relationship since the days of its creation. Until we are side by side, feeding each other pasta and debating over who had the worst leader of country, why not set our goals online? Doing everything on their bucket list and more was his plan. He was joined in this endeavor by his best friend, spiritual guide and partner (who could almost pass for Taylor Swift except for her hatred of country music), fellow global citizen, Mon Petit Chou, Vishenka and Media Naranja.  

As he writes, she pulls out her leather journal, and begins to recapitulate the adventures that they had already been fortunate enough to travel through together. Her memory was permeated with beautiful recollections of warm afternoon walks around the city, and cool evenings watching the sun fall beneath the edge of the glimmering lake. Accompanied by the one that she loved most, she was fearless, and had never felt as completed as she did every instant that they were together. The time they had spent apart had caused them to take all the more delight in one another, and kept them from taking a single moment for granted. Because of this outlook, they were continuously inspired to see the world, and allowed themselves to fall into the new cultures and experiences together. Through it all, they knew that being together was the most exciting part of all of their adventures. She looked up from her journal to see him across the table from her, and couldn't help but smile at the blessing of being able to be a piece of such an amazing man's life. With that, he took her hand, and they were off again.