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Ross Dolan

Squamish, CA


As a kid growing up in a suburb of Vancouver, I thought that life was an immeasurably long journey... or to be more precise, that it took too damn long to get to the good part.  To be old enough to drink, to drive, to not have to go to school, to get that girl, to see the world!  With so little time behind oneself, looking forward it seemed as though anything might be possible, though it was, at least for the time, teasingly out of reach.  The time between 8 and 18 years old would seem like an impossible mountain to climb, and yet looking back at the 10 years leading up to my 36th birthday... I'm amazed at the diversity of things I've done, awed by the beauty of the places I've been, and utterly astounded by how fast it has all come to pass. 

Through all the adventures, one aspect of the journey that has been sorely missed is a means to collect, organize, chronicle and share some of the truly unique experiences I've been fortunate enough to live through... sometimes barely.  My hope is to inspire people beyond my immediate circle, to push the bounds of what you think is possible, whether that be in the physical realm of extreme adventures, the mental realm of... Let's not kid ourselves, i'm mostly about doing fun shit, not pondering a gordian knot, so let's just get to it.