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Travel across Europe

Rebecca Suckling  July 30, 2013

I want to get on a train and stop in some of Europes most beautiful places.   France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Scotland.....

Travel across Europe

Katie B  June 19, 2013

I want to travel across Europe by land (car, train, bus, walking, cycling...but no planes).

Travel across europe in a rally car

nspuggs  June 2, 2013

Travel across the UK & Europe

Frank Martinek  April 7, 2011

This is another after retirement goal.  Start in the UK and move on to Europe for about 2-3 months just seeing the sites and enjoying visiting another country.

Travel Across Europe

Abby Sundeen  January 13, 2018

Travel across Europe

Nick Mitchell  March 13, 2013  

Travel across Europe

Emma Spooner  February 21, 2013

Whether it be by boat, plane, car, or train I want to see, hear, and taste all that the continent has to offer.

Travel across europe

Andreeee  June 18, 2017

Visit every country in Europe (if you just pass through a country it does not count) 

Travel across Europe

Becca Ivans  January 30, 2017

Visit all the landmarks across Europe!   

Travel across Europe by rail

JessicaElizabeth  January 23, 2017

I realised that if I only travel once or twice a year, I will only have travelled to about 14 countries by the time I'm 30. But I want to see as much as I can as soon as I can, while still in my youth. I've already visited 4 countries outside the UK, no time like the present to make that more rig...

Travel across europe

Alex Uptree  December 11, 2016

Traveling is one of the few things that would really make me happy. I've been in three country only, in Croatia, Romania and the Czech Republic. And in Hungary, because I live here. 2016. december 11.

Backpack travel across Europe

nathalie  June 25, 2012

Just step outside my door with a map & a backpack & go out on an adventurous trip.

Travel across Europe

Ash Gosse  June 8, 2012

To travel around Europe, not just Germany. 

Travel across Europe

Sara Brown  July 14, 2016

Travel through Europe and don't forget to visit historically significant locations of music history.

Travel across Europe

Sonia Boul  April 9, 2012

not so inspiring you may say but I felt I missed out on a gap year so we will have one a few years late! On retirement i aim to go around Europe : Portugal, Spain,Italy Austria,Germany, and may be more whos knows....


Justin Mills Webb  April 7, 2012


Travel across Europe

Lindzy Conley  February 28, 2012

I want to see it all! I'll probably start with London though because I've wanted to visit that city since I was 12 years old. 

Travel across europe

Hisham Almalibari  November 29, 2014

Grüner See" in Tragöß, Austria​

Travel across Europe on bike

javier correa ortin  November 15, 2014

 From Dortmund to:  Eindhoven Amberes Brujas Gante Bruselas Lieja

Travel across europe

Hannah Olsen  November 8, 2014

Travel round europe with my best friend Sophie  

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