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Bike along the beach

Kimberly Te  July 29, 2013

Venice to Santa Monica

Walk hand n hand dOwn the beach with my lOve

Jennifer Tull  May 2, 2011

did this... he isnt my love anymore, but he was at the time! so it still counts! June 2010

HOrse back ride On the beach

Jennifer Tull  May 3, 2011

not sure about this but i will try it, had a bad experience with a horse before!

Write initials in the sand with a boy

Location: beach

SharkBa1t  February 22, 2014

See a shooting star

Location: beach

Mesgants  February 23, 2014

Send a message in a bottle

Location: Beach

Gini Jones  February 6, 2014

 Old school fun-pre electricity.