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Hiking on Austrian Alps  July 28, 2013

I read einstien's biography as a child and was amazed at how he loved those long hikes around the alps. From there I was always facinated with Autria and the hike on alps. 

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Nick Greenquist  July 25, 2013

I want to go on an adventure!

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Poopie Kitty  June 11, 2001

 My first time ever hiking was right after graduation with Jeremy and my friends Stephanie and Robert.  We went camping for an entire week and hit all the trails, some of them are as long as 13 miles.  I almost fell off a cliff and Robert saved me.  We even saw caves and waterfalls!


Location: Deadvlei Hiking Trail, Namibia

marki  March 6, 2018

Visit Deadvlei, Namibia

Location: Deadvlei Hiking Trail, Hardap, Namibia

elfen  May 1, 2015

Visit the Deadvlei in Namibia

Location: Deadvlei Hiking Trail, Hardap, Namibië

HomoToeristika  April 22, 2017