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jessica Davies  July 26, 2013

Done twice while attatced to a boat Bulgaria mallorca  

Go Paragliding

Laure96  August 8, 2013

I went paragliding in France, Annecy, 2011 It was a nice experience with a great view on the mountains and the Lake of Annecy


Victoria Rampton  July 20, 2013


Go Parasailing AND Paragliding

Neep Glam  July 15, 2013

PARASAILING OPTIONS-Catalina Islands/Long Beach-Santa Monica Pier-San Diego  PARAGLIDING OPTIONS-Santa Barbara-BAKERSFIELD WTF?- Marina Del Ray  

Go paragliding/skydiving/something of the like

Laurel Mosher  June 26, 2013

I might be a little too chicken to go skydiving, but I really want to do it. Still i think I will be content with my life if I do something similar.

Paragliding in Jarabacoa, DR

lovtania  July 15, 2013

Is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying.lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. 

Go paragliding

maria  April 14, 2011

I'd like to try paragliding - tandem will do probably.  Always remember as a kid watching hawks glide in the sky, and wishing I could fly like that.  I think paragliding would be as close an experience as I can get.


Jan Stein  June 12, 2013

Do a paragliding session above a beautiful landscape

Go Paragliding!

Tori Ramsdell  May 21, 2013

I want to go Paragliding on a tropical island with my future husband someday! I really really do!!! 

Paragliding vs Skydiving - Which can be For you?

Wooten Ayala  February 12, 2018

Are you dreaming to fly? Presently people have various choices to fulfill such a dream - much far more than within the close to previous. You may attempt points like flying an ultralight airplane, making BASE jumps, flying a hang glider or paraglider, skydiving and indoor skydiving. Within this ...

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rucou91  April 23, 2013


Caroline  April 6, 2013

Learn how to paraglide and fly in the sunset

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Anne Marie  March 30, 2013

I will probably choose to go paragliding in Romania. If anyone knows of any good, scenic paragliding spots (anywhere in the world!), please comment below. :D

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Rickard Sernlo  March 17, 2013

Got a gift certificate from my girlfriend. It was a perfect clear day and +20C. So beautiful and silent while the adrenaline was rushing at the same time!

Go Paragliding

Isabelle  July 10, 2014

In Verbier with my wonderful dare-devil of a momma.

Tandem paragliding!

Noel Addams  March 10, 2013

at least i know how it feeels then i can get a class

Go Paragliding

Shanz  February 11, 2013  

Tandem paragliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sean Stewart  October 7, 2010

Go tandem paraliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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